Carpet Cleaning Services

If you are staying in Puget Sound area then you can get in touch with G&L Cleaning Services for all your carpet cleaning works. A team of experienced and specialized persons will be in your door step to serve your various cleaning purposes. G & L Cleaning service provides its unique services for commercial, residential and office setups. Our experts will convert your years old carpet back into its original look and appearance.

Short term and expensive procedures will simply work on the symptoms and not on the diseases. Likewise, carpet cleaners and carpet deodorizers will stop bad smell from your carpets due to stains but for a very short time. Our team of experts with specialized techniques and advanced formula will clean the carpet stains permanently and leave behind a beautiful fragrance after the clean up.

Our cleaning service is environment friendly. The products used to clean your carpets are purely organic. We work on three strict principles- punctuality, honesty and hard work. Our satisfied customers are the proof of our strict professional way of working. Our ultimate aim is to provide the best quality service within a stipulated time frame.
G&L Cleaning Service in Portland Oregon is well equipped with experts who take up the most difficult work of cleaning quite easily. Our customized and advanced methods of cleaning include steam carpet, area rug, dry carpet and wall-wall cleaning. You will be glad to know that our service also includes rug cleaning, spot removal, sanitizing, pet odor removal, deodorizing, commercial services and residential services at very affordable price.

We have a specialized team of professionals who are experts in these areas of cleaning and assure that you get a brand new look in your cleaning area. We focus on the details, and as such we deliver the most concrete answer to all your cleaning problems quickly and professionally. Our several years of experience make us the best in the Portland Oregon janitorial market. The products used by us to clean the carpets are highly powerful and user friendly too.

Our janitorial servicing company has been working successfully for many years because of our user-friendly attitude towards our esteem customers. Our powerful cleaning technique will remove the most difficult stains thus ensuring you to give your old carpet a new look and appearance. With our specialized and trained experts your unclean draperies and sophisticated furniture are no more a trouble for you. These items are usually ignored as most of the customers are not aware of the bad smell it eliminates after getting stained. Problem is that these items are also attacked by allergens just like carpets.

G&L Carpet Cleaning Service Professionals in Portland Oregon

We are available 24×7 in a week. Our esteemed customers will be satisfied with our dependable, devoted and receptive customer service. We believe in one theory- the customer is the king. So, our high quality and quick service is only dedicated to our customer’s needs and we are highly flexible according to the client’s requirements. Our team of experts comprises of specially selected professionals and we don’t believe in any subcontractor system.

It’s our unmatched service that makes us the best in the industry. Our unique process of cleaning removes even the minute pollutants like allergens, dust particles and dirt. With us the residents of Portland Oregon can get a clean carpet free from even microscopic dirt. Our specialized team adopts a unique procedure where they put hot water and powerful eco friendly products to clean the carpet deeply. Our products are eco-friendly so does not cause any harm to pet as well as children who come in touch with carpets quite often. People of Portland Oregon can now relax and leave the trouble of cleaning carpets in expert hands. Apart from eco- friendly products we also use carpet friendly tools to extract dirt and soil from deep within the carpet. The moisture left out in the carpet is also sucked till the last drop. Hence, drying time gets reduced substantially.

The experts in G&L Cleaning Service in Portland Oregon pay attention to each carpet individually thus making our solution unique. Our expert team first study and analyze the carpet in depth. Particular attention is given to heavy and high traffic soiled areas. Our team of experienced cleaners use all advanced options available to extract even the minute invisible dust and dirt from your carpet.

After cleaning the carpet might feel wet but our powerful vacuum will extract maximum moisture from the carpet. We stay in position till the carpet is completely dry and the customer acknowledges the service with a satisfied comment.
We have the best cleaning procedure which is quick, hassle free and customer friendly. Our team will remove all the furniture in your room to other place till the carpet is cleaned nicely and also get back all the furniture to their dedicated places after cleaning is over. We give the customer a clean carpet quickly and effectively. Well, these all reasons make us the best carpet cleaner in the present market now in Portland Oregon. We have successfully taken the standard of cleaning to a very high position and numerous satisfied customers have strongly proved our claim.

We employ only experience and highly professional personals in Portland Oregon for carpet and furniture cleaning. We do just the right thing for our valuable customers irrespective of the item we are restoring. It can be a large commercial project, a simple piece of furniture or an heirloom carpet. All our valuable services are subjected to 100% customer satisfaction assurance. Those who want their valuable carpets to be handled by experienced hands do call G&L Cleaning Services without any hesitation.

Commercial Janitorial and Cleaning Service

Commercial Janitorial and Cleaning Service

Having the right commercial cleaning service is essential for the well-being of a company. A clean, fresh appearance is more inviting for customers, which helps a business retain and increase its load of clients. Buildings that are cleaned by a qualified office cleaning service demonstrate to clients a concern for detail on the part of the companies housed therein, making these companies more attractive to prospective clients.

Whether you own or run a large business or small business G&L Janitorial is here to help.

Industrial and Commercial Floor Polishing, Stripping and Waxing Service

Industrial & Commercial Floor Polishing Service

Our business follow one simple strategy- first impression is the last impression. Our focus is on our valuable customers and meeting their desires and needs with our best quality services. Well, future business with our present customer is fully dependent on the present experience. Getting a clean carpet is not just the ideal goal of our business. But going into every detail and analyzing the carpet in depth shows the extra miles covered by our business in service to your needs.

This displays our high class professionalism and excellent quality work standard that makes us unique in cleaning industry in Portland Oregon. G &L Cleaning Service at Portland Oregon provides critical floor cleaning service thus resulting in a clean, shinny and dust free floor ready to use.

Most of the business setups don’t have sufficient time and staff to look after the shine and cleanliness of the floor. No extra time is available to spend in cleaning the floor properly in addition to the time given to the business to achieve its targeted goal. That’s where G&L Cleaning Service comes into picture. Our experts and experienced cleaners will do floor buffing and give an extra shine and glow to your floor. This will help you to grip the customer’s attention and in turn will help you to grow your business in Puget Sound area successfully. We also invite free and non compulsive quotes.

You will find normal floor machines looking like vacuum cleaners but it exactly work like a sander which is actually a rotary scrubbing machine. The cleaners push the machine back and front to clean the area. A very powerful component which rotates at a speed of 1,000RPM is attached to the floor to clean the hard stains and existing dirt on the floor. This pushing technique gets back the lost shine of the floor instantly and effectively. Floor machine is a smart and very handy equipment to maintain the cleanliness and shine of the floor.

We possess an expert and professional team who satisfy all commercial cleaning requirements. Our experts first start the process of cleaning with sweeping the floor to get rid of any dust particle. Sweeping is followed by moping of the floor. Before cleaning we allow the floor to dry completely. Then we start the actual process of cleaning. We adopt a certain and specific kind of cleaning based on your business requirements and needs. The floors made up of hardwood, tile and linoleum are generally different from each other. So, we choose the necessary materials like pad and other cleaning products as per the requirement of your floors. In the next step, we generously use water mixed with cleaning solutions on your floors and initiate the cleaning process with the help of forth and back movement of our hitech machine. When cleaning is done, the process is repeated again on the special areas which need extra cleaning. If the cleaning pads get dirty or wear out, we instantly replace them with new ones.

Industrial & Commercial Stripping Service

We at G&L Cleaning Services provide the best Portland Oregon commercial and industrial stripping services. It is a know fact that with several layers of wax coating, a big layer of wax builds up. While wax can help maintain the quality and durability of the floor, too much of it can spoil looks and appearances. It is therefore important to keep clean and strip wax build up both from the appearance point and durability point of view. When stripping is properly done it becomes ready for a new layer of wax coating.

Floors have a big role to play in home bathrooms, kitchens in condominiums, business lobbies, just to name a few. Maintaining the flooring can be an expensive affair. We can chip in with cost effective stripping apart from helping in stain removal. We can help in relaying new wax layers and increase the looks and appearance of the entire flooring.

We at G&L Cleaning Services provide the best of Portland Oregon commercial and industrial stripping. It will go a long way in enhancing the appearance and quality of the flooring and increase its life too. There is no doubt that flooring plays an important role in any commercial establishment. Apart from looks they also help in making the place safe and clean for work. It will help increase the overall image of any business or home. The entire process has to get started by taking steps to remove the old layers of wax.

The reason why we can make a big difference to all types of flooring related jobs is because of the quality of professionals that we posses. They are not only certified and qualified but also have rich experience in this field. They go through very demanding training. These professionals will no doubt take care of every aspect of flooring including appearance, care, scheduling of jobs and communicating with the respective stake holders.

We use many methods and ways to complete the job. We start with vacuuming process. This is done to remove dust, dirt and debris. We then use deep cleaning techniques with the help of a power floor scrubber. This will remove the residual debris, grime and dirt. If the situation demands we also use a hard surface steam cleaning device having a capacity up to 1000 psi. This will remove all the ground in dirt and grime. While doing these jobs our technicians take care to mask the carpets and baseboards.

Ground in dirt and grit can damage floors permanently which could become unsafe and also become unsightly. Whenever there is high traffic flooring the chances of its losing shine and sheen is all the more possible because of increased collection of dirt and grime. Taking help from us and going in for preventive maintenance will certainly help to save money in the long run. It will certainly increase the overall life of the floorings.

How Our G&L Portland Industrial & Commercial Stripping Experts Can Help

We can handle any type of floor stripping both for large and small areas. We have special experience as far as floor stripping in high school cafeterias, lobbies and apartment building hallways are concerned. We can also help homeowners in their quest to strip dirty looking floorings. We offer the best quality stripping at rates that are very competitive. We are also well known for providing high quality care methods and techniques. We believe in doing the job perfectly the first time.

We offer different types of flooring solutions keeping in mind specific needs and requirements. Our experts pay attention to areas that are hard to reach, especially corners and crevices. We offer the best Portland Oregon industrial and commercial floor stripping techniques that are best in the business. We pay a lot of attention to excellence in customer service and are very particular about their satisfaction levels. We have a good track record and our experience is also quite enviable in this line. Whether it is offices, homes, warehouses or retail stores we can provide the best possible stripping solutions that are both readymade and tailor made for our customers.

We are also well known for offering environment friendly floor stripping solutions. We always believe in total customer satisfaction and we do it on a continuous basis. We have therefore been able to develop the best of techniques and regimes over the past many years. Irrespective of the size of the floor we are certain that we will provide the most cost effective floor stripping solutions to our customers.

Before taking up any floor stripping job, our professional technicians will first have a look at the condition of the floor that needs to be stripped. This will ensure that the right equipment is chosen for proper floor stripping. This is the reason why we are so much sought after and have a good reputation both amongst commercial and residential customers, throughout the entire Portland Oregon area. We also provide 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also provide free estimates to our customers with no obligations or strings attached.

We treat our customers’ floors the same as we would have treated our own. We are ready to walk that extra mile to ensure foolproof and total floor stripping. We at G&L Cleaning Services apart from providing floor stripping services to our customers also are capable of other tasks too. We are well known for offering the best of waxing services. Our waxing when done with the help of our expert professionals will go a long way in ensuring that the flooring looks much better and shiny. We also provide cleaning services that covers the entire gamut of floorings. Whether it is carpet, tile, grout, sofa, upholstery, mattress or rug we can handle each one of them with the best of care and caution. We are also well known for the best possible stain and spot removal methods apart from also being able to remove pet odor and pet stain removal. We also undertake deodorizing and sanitizing jobs. Whenever they need the best cleaning company we can offer a one stop quality solution to them.

Waxing Services For Industrial & Commercial Floors

Given our experience in the field of floor cleaning and restoring, we understand that it is better to maintain a floor than to restore it. Hence we at G&L Cleaning Services always pay attention to maintenance rather than restoring. However, it always does not happen that way and many customers contact us because they do not maintain their floors properly. Restoration of flooring involves many steps. It starts with analyzing of the floor. There are a number of floor materials including ceramic, hardwood, no wax, slat, vinyl, antistatic, terracotta, Forbo, ESD, laminate, Marmoleum, marble, sealed cement, linoleum, just to name a few. Once the floor has been analyzed the next job is to vacuum the floor thoroughly. This is done to remove dirt and debris. The next process in restoration is stripping the floor thoroughly. The next job is to wax and seal the floor. The process ends with buffing, honing and sealing which gives the precious shine to the floor. There is no doubt that good looking flooring can go a long way in enhancing the overall appearance of home or office. In retail stores flooring quality can make a big difference to sales.

Since floors are important part of home bathrooms, business lobbies and condominium kitchens and business lobbies we need to look at ways and means to add durability to the floors. It is also important for us to stop accumulation of dirt and grime penetrating through the wax and cause irreparable damage to the flooring. To enable this we use a high powered propane buffer to warm and harden the wax. The wax that we use is environment friendly and also caters to specific requirements or needs the customers may have in mind. All these go a long way in ensuring high speed and top class quality buffing and polishing.

There is a need to strip and wax because of accumulation of old wax. There is no doubt that old wax makes the flooring look dully and dirty. It also damages the floor. If our customers take the help and assistance of our qualified and experienced flooring technicians, there is no doubt that they will make any floor look like new. This is one of the main reasons why we continue to enjoy such a big reputation amongst our various Portland Oregon customers. We believe in offering high quality flooring cleaning and waxing solutions at very affordable rates.

So if as a customer one is looking for quality commercial and industrial floor waxing services in Portland OR, there is every reason to get in touch with G&L Cleaning Services. We certainly will spare no efforts to ensure that we make our customers’ floors look great at all points in time. Once they are made clean and new, our customers need only regular buffing and waxing to ensure that it stays that way for a long period of time.

A floor that has a glossy finish can easily be dust mopped instead of being swept. However it is important to be aware that vinyl floorings should not be swept. Smooth floors are easier to maintain and will certainly longer duration. Further when proper commercial floor waxing is done it will go a long way in prevent water soaking on the floor. This is particularly applicable to hardwood floors. Scratching and staining can also be prevented when one has hardwood floorings in their homes.

Residential Cleaning

House cleaning services in Portland are also provided by G&L Cleaning Services on the basis of the experience of many years in this trade. The people from all walks of life hired by us for this purpose are screened before their final selection. Instead of hiring subcontractors, applicants with strong working history and reliable references are preferably considered by us.

Our cleaners have to complete on the job training for many hours before becoming an associate house cleaner. We are serious about our house cleaning job and we know how to clean them as customer’s care is our first preference. We are straightforwardly accountable to our customers that is why we do not hire subcontractors. We are bonded and have insurance to ensure the protection of our customers. Only environment friendly house cleaning products along with our own high-tech house cleaning equipments are used by our house cleaners.

As we listen to our customers so we call them one day before actual cleaning of their house to tell them about the different house cleaning procedures adopted by us in serving our previous customers. We customize our house cleaning procedures after understanding the needs our customers after this quick conversation.

Our customers can spend their time some more enjoyable things instead of cleaning their house. As experienced house cleaning business we provide professionally trained house cleaning staff to provide customized and exceptional services to our customers while allowing them to do and enjoy their household chores freely.

G&L Cleaning Services is licensed and bonded to provide house cleaning services in Portland, WA. The professional and courteous house cleaners employed by us seriously take their job. Instead of assigning a house to an individual house cleaner different house cleaners are sent by us for cleaning the home or business of our customer every time. But some of our customers want the same house cleaner who has worked in their home or business earlier. For the safety of our customers we match our employees with them.

We have developed our house cleaning services by directly considering the needs of our customer’s houses along with them. We focus on understanding the needs of our customers in an effective and responsible manner. While providing our best house cleaning services we take care of the personal preferences of our customers.

The house cleaning services provided by G&L Cleaning Services in Portland, OR are dependable, sincere and efficient in every aspect. We make every effort in keeping up our promise of providing reliable house cleaning services with a committed concentration on the satisfaction of our customers. Absolute satisfaction of the customer is our first goal.

Cleaning the apartments, houses and condominiums is our specialty. We are based in Portland to provide customized house cleaning services to our customers as per their needs. We check the background and references while screening all of our house cleaners before hiring them. The safety and security of the customer’s home is their first priority and they have to ensure it. For this reason our professional house cleaners are considered much better than the other house cleaning services in Portland.

G&L Portland expert in House Cleaning

G&L Cleaning Services provides house cleaning services in Portland, OR as it understands that most of the homeowners want to engage a trusted and experienced house cleaning company which has house cleaners to provide them professional house cleaning services. Understanding the reputation of the commercial house cleaning company is also important for the homeowners. We offer professional home cleaning services on the basis of our experience. Affordable, professional and high quality commercial house cleaning services can be provided by us to the customers of our business.

Only environment friendly house cleaning products are used by our house cleaners while providing high quality and reliable house cleaning services in Portland, OR. We design house cleaning packages after considering the busy lifestyle of out customers as well as their needs in this regard. By maintaining the best possible quality standards, providing reliable and consistent schedule for our customers as well as marinating a professional and friendly attitude towards our customers we offer them our specialized and high class house cleaning services.

Our knowledge and attention to provide detailed house cleaning services has established our business as the most preferred professional house cleaning service provider in Portland by a number of individuals and families since many years. The ecological house cleaning solutions used by our house cleaning business in Portland, OR offers healthy spaces to live in.

We are perfect in providing outstanding house cleaning services to the homes and businesses of all sizes. Proven techniques ad methods along with our experiences are used by our house cleaners to provide the best results. The professional house cleaners of this business are courteous and time punctual towards our customers as they pass all the background and credit checks while grooming them before deputing to your house cleaning job.

G&L Cleaning Services offering house cleaning services in Portland offers housekeeping services, maid cleaning services, maid services and residential house cleaning services. We use safe house cleaning products for the pets, home and family of our customers. You can contact us to get free estimate without any obligation.

Window Cleaning Service

Window Cleaning Service

G&L Cleaning Services offers one of a kind/topnotch service – the very best Portland window cleaning service serving within the entire Puget Sound area. Our duty is to serve this area in the best way we can using the right tools for the job. It really doesn’t matter if the work involves a professional contractor, typical homeowner, or powerful businesses; we strive to make sure all our customers are as satisfied as possible, enjoying our unique window cleaning and closely related services.

Cleaning is generally a wide area. It may sometimes involve detergents made using complex formulas for easier clean. Some of these detergents may contain active ingredients that may be harmful to the environment. However, in a typical window cleaning session, we use a squeegee together with a sheepskin mop to thoroughly clean our esteemed customer’s windows using just hands. We believe in protecting the environment in our cleaning processes. We access difficult and hidden areas safely. An amateur may only be able to clean only those areas that are visible or easily accessible, but we don’t leave any area until it is clean. We strive to use our knowledge and skills to provide quality work. For instance, we use professional grade window cleaning equipment and tools such as leg and bar levelers, fall protection, and stabilizer bars which we place on our extension ladders to ensure that we adhere to industry standards and practice.

While some people may think that window cleaning is simply dusting the outside, it takes a professional to understand the importance of doing more than that. Rushing will not remove all dirt from your windows. That is why we clean the outside as well as the inside of our customer’s windows. It is true that the outside carries the most dirt; however, we must get rid of dust from furniture and floor that settle on the inside. Our customers also have the option of selecting only us to handle or clean their most visible or most prominent windows. This way they don’t have to make payments for the inherent cost of cleaning all of the various windows in their house or home yet still manage to have radiant and consistently clean windows.

While it is not required to move window dressings and furniture, we often ask our customers to make work easier and safer by moving any breakable and valuable items away from the windows to give us an easy time when we are preparing for a thorough interior window cleaning. This is just a safety precaution to ensure that we don’t damage anything. Besides, why would you have a brittle item wondering all over the job scene? Isn’t it better to keep it somewhere else where you would feel safer and return it once the job is done? If there is need, we may have to move furniture but work around most of the household items in our customer’s house or home.

In the course of our job, we encounter various situations that may require us to act with some level of professionalism. We always try as hard as possible to clean all areas of the windows so that the general look and feel of your home or office is improved. However, because we put safety first and always consider it our first concern when handling a customer’s item or belonging, it can be quite difficult to get close enough and access the difficult to clean areas of the customer’s windows, especially if there are some untrimmed trees with leaves hanging inconveniently close to the window we wish to clean.

With bushes too close to the house, we might be unable to clean those windows and give your home the look and feel you’ve always desired. However, this only holds true if those untrimmed branches of trees and nearby bushes make it somehow unsafe to climb and use a ladder during the cleaning process. As we have said earlier, we put safety first and are not willing to compromise that. However, we are creative enough and can usually find another great way to clean any difficult-to-reach window, regardless of its relative location.

While we have completed quite a number of projects, none is exactly the same as the other. Therefore, we approach every client and project with the attention each deserves. We are quite flexible in how we handle our customers whilst adhering to strict standards. We also encourage our customers to inform us about any special circumstances or situations that need to be brought to our attention prior to cleaning their windows. This will enable us to take the necessary precaution or steps to provide each customer with only the best and most convenient service we have. We listen to our customers and take what they say seriously. Therefore, if we are about to begin working on the windows in your home, then you need to let us know of anything special to be consider before or during the process. Maybe you have a fragile window frame that you haven’t fixed but would like us to handle it carefully before you can find a technician to come and repair it.

Over the years, the window cleaning service has grown tremendously to become fully professional and sophisticated. Initially, anyone could be hired to clean only the “reachable” areas of both office and home windows. However, today things have changed, as window cleaning has evolved to be a more complex and systematic procedure that requires specialized training in order to rip maximum benefits. In addition, all the difficult to reach areas must also be cleaned. We provide our specialized window cleaning services to not only residential buildings, but also to commercial buildings, such as condominiums, apartments, and townhomes.

We are very comfortable handling both and don’t mind working on both of them at one time. Depending on what you are comfortable with, you can have your office building windows cleaned at a more regular interval as you evenly space your home windows cleaning routine. It’s up to you! You can reach us 24hour a day seven days a week (24/7) with a quick response time. Therefore, do not be worried about your busy schedule; you can call us when the time is most convenient for you. We also provide our customers with an appointment reminder callback. So you really have no excuse – busy schedule or not!

G&L Cleaning Services offers Portland window cleaning for various windows, including skylight window cleaning, as well as storm windows and exterior and interior windows. We are not only an affordable and reliable professional window cleaning service, but also provide high quality service that keep our customers coming back and receive more referrals by “word of mouth”. Today, the secret of staying competitive in the industry is by providing high quality services that customers are happy with. Otherwise, you will be losing business to competitors.

We have several years’ experience in both residential and commercial window cleaning. We enjoy a rock solid and an outstanding reputation (which we have earned over time) for integrity and quality, both within Portland and within its surrounding areas. We have come to realize that customer-centric service delivery is the key to success in this kind of business and we are doing all we can to keep our customers satisfied and happy. We take every project seriously; no window-cleaning job or project is too big or too small, each is unique and requires to be treated that way. Over the years, we have also learnt that building customer trust is one of the key ingredients for success. The commercial and residential market segments trust our professional window service for their most challenging job. They have faith in us and are confident that we can handle their most prominent windows.

G&L Portland Oregon Window Cleaning Experts

In virtually any business, flexibility is very important. You cannot have a standard procedure for all types of work, as customer needs and requirements are different. We can customize or tailor a window-cleaning program that meets our individual customer’s budget (even shoestring budgets) and personalized requirements regardless if our cleaning service is needed on weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. On the other hand, if you feel that you would like to pay something extra to get more value for your money, then we can also ensure that happens. We also offer quality, onetime window cleaning service at most reasonable rates. You don’t have to part with huge amounts of money just because you are having your windows cleaned professionally. Avoid all forms of extortion and only use your money in a way that you feel will give back an equivalent value in return (or more). We offer no obligation, free quotes or estimates.

We have a spotless reputation for commercial and residential window cleaning in the Portland areas and its surrounding. We not only understand the area well, but also managed to build a solid reputation in the business. Our window team will work diligently to ensure all of our winding cleaning services are performed according to the highest set standards. We have a crew that will not rest until they have over-delivered on the promise. We won’t rest or be satisfied with our work until our customers are. Once we start a project, we follow through until our customers are satisfied with our job. G&L Cleaning Services’ Portland window cleaning service constantly monitors our work, paying attention to detail and leaving nothing to chance, so that we can guarantee the highest level of professionalism when it comes to window cleaning services. We possess property damage, as well as liability insurance coverage. Moreover, we are bonded.

Today, appearance is everything. The professional image of a residential home or commercial business communicates much to customers and stakeholders and can be enhanced through clean windows. Nobody wants be associated with dirty buildings, leave alone do business with them. We offer quality window cleaning services within the greater Portland, OR region with specialized commercial and personalized residential window-cleaning services. You don’t have to hire two different firms to handle your residential and commercial windows, as we can do both. Regularly cleaned windows generally prevent etching and unnecessary staining of the glass (window) from dust and dirt. However, this can only be achieved if your home or office windows are professionally cleaned several times a year. Doing it once or twice a year may not produce the best results.

The Portland Oregon window-cleaning job provided by G&L Cleaning Services only utilizes the finest and environment friendly window cleaning products. In as much as we care about clean windows, we don’t derive much satisfaction from it if we are polluting the environment in the process. Our cleaning products will get your windows squeaky-clean fast by getting rid of the grit and grime that build up on the outside, as well as the inside of the surfaces of your windows. Clean windows will make a home more aesthetically appealing and pleasing to look at.

Moreover, any homeowner who engages the services of a professional window cleaner needs to be interested in the kind of window cleaning chemical to be used in the cleaning process before hiring that particular professional. They must ask questions regarding the kind of chemicals to use because some may be hazardous to the environment. Several window cleaning liquids – often available within the homeowners reach – can be used to get the job done. You don’t have to use harmful chemicals yet there are safer and better alternatives out there. These include those made from natural products such as lemon water, regular water, club soda, and vinegar. While one can do this process by himself, homeowners must understand that cleaning windows on their own can be a risky type of job, especially for 2nd floor windows and higher.

Windows are mostly used by homeowners to enhance lighting in the room and see the world outside. For this reason, residents and passersby will receive an aesthetically pleasing view by maintaining clean windows, as it helps in bringing the outside light to shine in or illuminate the room. G&L Cleaning Services offers Portland residents with exceptional window cleaning service, including various contractors, residential homeowners, and large and small commercial businesses. We also guarantee our service and window cleaning work.

G&L Janitorial offers post-construction cleaning and maid services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Portland. This cleaning service is specifically designed for homeowners or businesses who have done remodeling and need to rid their home, office or apartment of the dust and minor debris that is left behind.G&L Janitorial post construction cleaning service consists of highly trained cleaners who are extremely familiar with the needs and requirements of this very special and detailed cleaning service.

Post construction clean up services require the proper cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure the highest quality of work. Our cleaning services can also include green seal certified or environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.