Peace of Mind only if they are clean.


We all know that a bathroom can be a peace of mind or a headache depending on how clean it is. The other day I went with my family to a local restaurant in the Beaverton area that we frequently visited in the past. And as I always do went to the restroom to wash my hands before dinner and for my surprise the bathroom that once was pristine now was one of those public restrooms that you have a hard time touching anything around. First I thought that because cleaning is my daily bread I was being exaggerated but the next person entering after me had the same impression and was more vocal than I and went directly to the manager of the restaurant to express her discomfort. What an awesome way to turn off a client!

Later I found out that the restaurant trying to save money cut the cleaning budget and now are the employees that serve the table responsible for keeping the restrooms clean. The results? Less clients are visiting the place not because of their food but because someone underestimated the power of having a clean restroom. That translate into less complains and “PEACE OF MIND”